From Chennai to Kurnool to Hyderabad to Amaravati to Vizag , People of Andhra are always unsure about their capital and it is such a pity !!

Let us develop Amaravati and Proudly say it is our state capital.

With two big cities like Visakhapatnam and Amaravati ( Including Vijawayada Guntur and Eluru ) Andhra Pradesh will have the unique advantage of two big cities which no other southern state will have.

Think beyond petty politics, caste and Political parties. Let us fight for Amaravati and future of Andhra Pradesh.

Ys jagan did not mention in the election manifesto that he will shift the capital. In fact he and his party leaders reiterated many times that capital will be Amaravati. This is nothing but backstabbing and abusing the people’s mandate.

Ys Jagan must do justice to Amaravati farmers and continue the capital in Amaravati.

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