Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government attacked a doctor who asked for masks and PPE kits.

They first suspended him and later branded him as mentally retarded.

This incident was widely reported in the national and international media and it has been a cause of shame for Andhra Pradesh.

However, the local media which is largely under control of the ruling YSR congress ( YCP) tried to malign the doctor and defend the government’s actions. Paid journalists like ‘Journalist Sai’ went so far and asked why would an Anasthesiologist need a mask. It is important to note that several Anasthesiologists laid down their life in the fight against COVID in the past few months.

We have discussed this topic then and asked the goverment to go soft on whistle blowers like Dr Sudhakar. However, the goverment was adamant and harrassed Dr Sudhakar to the maximum extent.

Now, in Andhra Pradesh, at a time when Andhra has become one of the worst Covid effected regions in the world, almost 8000 Junior doctors are on strike complaining that the quality of the protective material they are using is below par.

We request the goverment to not attack these junior doctors like they did in the case of Dr Sudhakar. The goverment should discuss with the junior doctors and fulfill as many of their demands as possible. It is our responsibility to protect the front line warriors who have been protecting us during this pandemic risking their lives.

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